Welcome to SBR

We are Southern California's premier commercial and industrial roof contractors.

For over 5 decades SBR has been helping people make the right decision for their roof system.

Our strengths are your benefits:

  • Experience and knowledge in construction and roofing systems will lead to better and more accurate information when determining the condidtion of a buildings structural deck, insulation, and roof membrane.
  • Cost Analysis guidance for Expected Roof Life on a Cost Per Year basis.
  • Matching client/owner goals to a viable solution; knowing when to repair and restore, versus tear-off and reroof.

Give Your Roof a Chance!

SBR helps owner-clients get the maximum value out of existing roofs. A roof leak does not necessarily┬ámean that a roof has failed. It means that your roof is requiring some attention; like basic maintenance and/or small repairs to extend the service life. Learn More…

Repair? Coat? or Re-Place?

In 52 years we’ve just about seen it all. ┬áLet our experienced team, and expertise guide you to the Best Decision for your company’s Roof System. Learn More…