SBR, Inc. a Los Angeles based, is a Family Owned commercial roofing company specializing in service with a proven record of quality workmanship for more than 50 years.  SBR has generated a successful tradition of providing customers with sound informed options, value solutions, and lasting quality workmanship.

When we say we’re a full service company, we mean it! We offer a wide array of services and are always welcoming new challenges.

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Give Your Roof a Chance!

SBR helps owner-clients get the maximum value out of existing roofs.

Roof Leaks donʼt mean that a roof is necessarily bad or has failed. It means that your roof is requiring some attention; like basic maintenance and/or small repairs to extend the service life.

When Does Cheap Start Becoming Expensive

Low bids in roofing usually indicate short-cuts; short-cuts lead to premature roof system failure. How?  In materials, in preparations, in workmanship, and/or convincing a customer that a lesser type solution is acceptable.
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